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- My Life Always Belongs To Your Feelings.



Welcome to the world of Happiness, Joy and a piece of Love.







Hum rahein Ya naa rahein , Kal yaad aayenge ye pal !!





I M¡ss My Fr¡ends

When I c some other Guys sitting around,


Slapping each other..

Their mischievous smiles switching to loud laughters..

Though strangers to me,
They represnt a part of my life I lost somewhre,

I miss my friends. I miss u all.
Stay happy where ever U r

I love |\/|U$IC
and Touching Keyboard f ma computer....!!!!
Coz des r ma fav. pass time...@@..!



Hye Friends.

This website dedicates to all of you........! As myself as your friend I have made this website where we all can talk to each other....! Here you can see my photos , to comment on my blog , to know about myself and many more.

                                                                     Here you will meet me personally, I have mentioned all my contact only for you. Friends please visit here again to continue our friendship because FRIENDSHIP IS REAL FUN, SUCH MOMENTS ARE ALWAYS MEMORABLE.

Thank You


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Sober Barik


 Swobhagya Ranjan

Sober Barik